Award-winning films

Looking for Lapwings

William Pearce, a student from Exeter, visits Yorkshire, determined to see a Lapwing chick for the first time. Over three days, we follow him on visits to the wild Yorkshire moors in search of these bundles of fluff, and watch as he encounters many more new wild animals, including Black Grouse, Oystercatchers, and Brown Hares.

"Second place" in Hen Harrier Day 2021's Young Filmmaker Challenge.

"Honourable Mention" in Adventure Uncovered's Film Festival 2021, super short category.

Produced, Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Alicia Hayden; Presented by Will Pearce; Music composed and performed by Will Pearce

Wood Mouse - A Short Film

A short nature documentary on wood mice, starring a sweet juvenile wood mouse.

As seen in Episode 73 of Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin's Self Isolating Bird Club (SIBC).

"Shortlisted" in Bristol Science Film Festival's "Science Face Amateur" category 2021.

Narrated by Will Pearce; Filmed, Edited, and Produced by Alicia Hayden; Script written by Alicia Hayden; Nature audio recorded by Alicia Hayden
Information sourced from the Mammal Society and the Wildlife Trust, as well as research by Leoni, Canova & Saino (2005), and Sunyer, Munoz, Bonal & Espelta (2013)

The script is available on my blog.