A Window - an animated poem

October 10, 2020

A Window


it is wild here –

snails and spiders coat the glass

in silver paint and iron threads,

and rose hips climb

on to the sill, with leaves

orange, green, yellow –

the colours of traffic lights

going the wrong way.


it is wild here –

the wind’s cold breath slides through

the smallest gaps,


while condensation droplets

cling desperately to the shaking panes –

determined to find their way in,

to bring the wild in.


it is wild here –

even when you close the heavy curtains

with a satisfying swish,

and even when you light the room

with the artificial glow of a tiny desk lamp,

the stars outside still shine brighter –

the night is still louder,

better, bolder.


it is wild here –

but it is wilder out there.

so outside you go,

thorns and branches tugging at you,

trying to pull you back

trying to stop you –

it is wild here,

and you are wild too.


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