Rain before Rainbows charity reveal

October 27, 2020

Hello! I am so unbelievably excited to reveal that the charity receiving 50% of the profits from my illustrated wildlife poetry book, Rain before Rainbows, is Tiggywinkles, the world's leading wildlife hospital!

Tiggywinkles has treated over 300,000 animals since first opening their doors, and their veterinary team has pioneered much of the treatment used for wildlife across the world.

Their important work is helping save iconic British wildlife species, including Hedgehogs, which are now listed as "vulnerable to extinction" on the IUCN red list. So by buying my book, you are helping Tiggywinkles save our wildlife, and helping us work towards a bright future, full of much-loved wildlife species.

To pre-order Rain before Rainbows, please visit my shop.

To find out more about Tiggywinkles, please visit their website.