Spider Webs (a poem)

October 19, 2020

Hello! While on a walk a few days ago, I discovered about half-a-mile of spider webs strewn across the grass. I decided to write a poem about it, accompanied with some of the footage of the spider hatching. You can watch my poetry film below:

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A text version of the poem can be read below:


Spider webs



Like pale elastic, stretched thinner

than the finest threads you can imagine.

And out of the ghostly tents,

Long legs and small bodies tentatively




They have one chance to spin their webs

and weave a new home

amongst dewy stems and munching cows.

They dance free out of wispy tee-pees,

Their stage lit by an autumn sun,

their audience a field of geese. They are


So quiet,

You would never know they were there.

So quick,

You’d miss them –

Were it not for the billowing silk flags

gifted to them from their mothers.