I sometimes feel like I'm going mad

November 07, 2020

- the only one reacting rationally to situations.

Why does nobody else shout and scream and cry?

Are we all emotionless robots,

Waiting for the beep of phones and screens to tell us

how to feel,

              how to think,

                             how to walk,

                                           how to talk?


Why is nobody angry anymore?

When trees go up in smoke, and birds fall out the sky

There’s only a wall of blinking phones




But nobody is remembering,

No one is experiencing.


I sometimes feel like I’m going mad

in a world full of technology, I’ve never felt so disconnected.

And when I see people walking oblivious

to birds, to beetles, to bees

I just want to shout “LOOK!”

 But I won’t.




Should I?










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