Portfolio and a new Society

September 05, 2020

I am excited to announce that I have updated my website to include a Portfolio page. This page consists of my favourite wildlife photography, artwork, poetry, and film.

I have also been working on launching the Oxford Wildlife Photography and Film-making (OWPF) Society's website and inaugural charity calendar competition. I started this society with a few friends at my college as we realised that there wasn't a society there to encourage people to explore nature through photography and film, which is something I feel very passionate about. I think that media and the arts, such as film and photography, are essential to helping educate and connect people with nature. 

Currently, OWPF's website contains a gallery of our members' photos - featuring a huge range of subjects. The photos are beautiful, and show how students have been engaging with nature throughout lockdown. The gallery will be kept regularly updated with new photos each term, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of our members' work in the future. 



The welcome page for the new portfolio section of my website:






The welcome page for Oxford Wildlife Photography and Film-making Society's new website: a photo taken by one of OWPF's members, Skai Campbell, in response to our "Green" competition: