The Niche Article and Our Planet Week

April 04, 2021


I wrote an article about "Rain before Rainbows" for the British Ecological Society (BES)'s Spring 2021 issue of The Niche! It was so much fun writing this short piece for the BES, and you can read my article below:

Reference: The Niche, British Ecological Society, Spring Issue 2021 52:1


I recently took part in this year's Our Planet Week illustration challenge. The challenge encourages illustrators around the world to create art pieces from the 21st-30th March in response to five prompts; the aim is to raise awareness about the environment and protecting our planet, and this year Our Planet Week partnered with One Tree Planted, to plant a tree for every illustration submitted during the challenge.

This years prompts were protect, energy, biodiversity, reduce & reuse, and voice - you can view my illustrations below:

I have also uploaded some new art pieces and photos to my galleries. I hope you enjoy all of my new work!