Wader Quest, DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year, and a new poem

May 12, 2021


One of my poems, "Lapwing", and its accompanying illustration were included in Wader Quest's most recent newsletter, which you can read on their website, or see a segment of below.

If you like this poem, please consider ordering my illustrated wildlife poetry book "Rain before Rainbows", of which 50% of the profits go to the wildlife hospital Tiggywinkles. You can find out more in my shop.

I’m also really excited to share my David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) Wildlife Artist of the Year (WAY) Finalist badge!

In just under two weeks' time, the DSWF WAY 2021 virtual awards ceremony is being streamed, showcasing all of this year’s artwork, and revealing the winning artists. It’s free to attend, but donations are welcome - you can secure your tickets through Eventbrite.

The virtual exhibition will open to the public on the 25th of May, and all pieces will be available to buy, with half the price going directly to wildlife conservation. There will also be an opportunity to buy one of the shortlisted artist's original postcard-sized "sketch for wildlife" art pieces, with all the money going to support wildlife conservation.

I've also been writing a few new poems recently, one of which I would like to share here - I hope you like it!



Bird’s eye view

Perched on top of sandy bricks and towers,

The world below unfolds like a map –

Predictable and familiar; the patterns of everyday life

That feel like breathing – feel like safety.

When skies darken and rain pours

There is nothing to shelter me; just stone statues carved into

A turreted cliff edge.

With my nest mates gone, I am alone.

Ringing bells wake me,

The sun warms me,

And I stretch my wings

Wide and wider – like the wings of an angel.

Every storm passes eventually.

And the rhythm of life below me settles back into

A constant pitter-patter of shoes on cobbles.

Everything back to how it was before.