Tiny Seed Journal Featured Poet for Autumn 2021 and new online portfolio

July 29, 2021


I'm so honoured to be Tiny Seed Journal's Featured Poet for Summer/Autumn 2021! Over the next couple of months, they will be releasing six of my favourite poems and accompanying illustrations, which you are able to view on their website and social media channels.

I am also excited to announce that I have a new online portfolio, which contains my favourite wildlife art, photography, film, poems, and ecological fairytales*! 

My online portfolio will act as a sister-site to my main website (this one): some of the work showcased is from as early as 2010, and other pieces are very recent, which I hope gives an overview of the type of work I like to produce! I have split it into two sections: a visual portfolio, which features art, photography, and film; and a written portfolio, which features poetry, general writing, and short stories. 

I am also working on an "awards and testimonials" section of my online portfolio, which I hope to launch soon.

I hope you enjoy my new online portfolio, and my Featured Poet section in Tiny Seed Journal.


*Ecological fairytale: Stories that tread the line between fantasy and reality, swooping in and out of imagination and realism, but always with the natural world at heart.