When the Whale Sang Prints

July 16, 2021

When the Whale Sang is my favourite piece, and I am so glad it has resonated with so many people!

I have created 4 different size limited edition prints, and 50% of the profits from all my prints goes to David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) to support wildlife conservation! You can order the prints via my shop, the sizes are all shown in the slideshow below, and are as follows:

  • Photo 1 - A4 print
  • Photo 2 - A3 print
  • Photo 3 - 600mm (length) print
  • Photo 4 - A6 postcard print (with envelope!)
  • Photo 5 - Bundle of 4 A6 postcard prints (with envelopes!)
  • Photo 6 - My business card! (Not available to buy, but it comes with every order!)

All prints, except A6 postcards, were printed by All Colours Only, and all come signed with certificates of authenticity (except A6 postcards).

Thank you so much for choosing When the Whale Sang the as the DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year Human Impact winner & winner of the inaugural Ingrid Beazley Award; it means the world to me.