Crowdfunding Legacy

February 17, 2022


As part of my Master's in Wildlife Filmmaking at UWE, in partnership with the BBC, I have to produce a broadcast-quality 12-minute film.

I am going to create a film about Tichaona Ncube, a wildlife artist in Zimbabwe, who has dedicated his life to conserving Zimbabwe’s wildlife through art. Tich has a phenomenal talent, but very few people know about his work – “Legacy” aims to bring recognition to Tich’s amazing work and the extraordinary wildlife of Zimbabwe!

“Legacy” will follow Tich painting in the bush in Zimbabwe, working on a piece from his latest series “Almost Snuffed Out”. The film will end with Tich’s first opportunity to visit the UK to see his first solo exhibition, organised in partnership with David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF).

However, in order to fund this film, I need your help!

We need to be able to fly to and from Zimbabwe, afford filming permits, visas, accommodation, production and post production equipment. So please consider donating through my crowdfunding page! Anything you are able to give help, and there are donation rewards available – including original art prints, masterclasses, and executive producer credits - you can see more about this below!

Please donate if you can, and help me tell Tich's story! Visit my crowdfunding page on Go Fund Me 

And keep an eye on my social media channels, and on the "Legacy" page of my website for updates! 

Thank you!



All wildlife artworks © Tichaona Ncube