Escapril 2022

April 02, 2022


This is my second year taking part in Escapril, a challenge founded by poet Savannah Brown, where poets around the world are invited to write a poem every day in April, in response to thirty prompts.

I've used the prompts as titles for each of my poems, and bounced off them into a variety of different themes! You can read all of my poems in my dedicated "Escapril 2022" page, as well as a couple of my favourites below!

I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I've enjoyed writing them.

Alicia x

Day 11 - An odd number of...


She counted her eggs, once - then twice.

Memorising their speckles, colour, shape, tone -

A quick trip to find grubs and caterpillars,

Only gone for five minutes - but when she returned

One more egg in her nest -

But identical speckles, colour, shape, tone.

Day 25 - Computer


Power on,

Your screen time was 5-hours-55 per day this week, would you like to cap it?

Do you want unlimited texts, broadband and mobile data?

This is Netflix - are you still watching? It’s been 4 hours.

You’ve been on this word document for 12 hours, is it time to power down yet?

Buy this! New new new! Extra extra extra!

Need Ad-blocker? Click here!

Are you sure you need to buy another plastic plant?

Here are all the plastic plants you need to make your home, more homely.

Watch this video on turning your house into a home,

Watch this video about switching your computer off.




Day 27 - The Astronaut


There are so many places we are yet to see.

A midnight pool; a lightly-salted sky;

Saturn - a Pringle orb surrounded by sauce.

The Moon - a grilled Camembert, coated in pepper.


The astronaut glides through space, somewhat bored.

Having seen it all, they think - there must be more to life than this.


A skylark flutters next to them, a twinkling tune

Sucked, soundless, into the vacuum of space.

Day 28 - Only an illusion


You want to know what I think?


I think that the reason the Earth spins on its axis

is because a small hamster is running frantically on a wheel

kept inside the iron core of the Earth.


I think there’s an entire colony of Earth hamsters -

they’re entirely responsible for making the world spin round,

and they have the capacity to determine the path of all our lives.


You see, we think we have freedom on this Earth,

but actually, these Earth hamsters,

they are our almighty under lords. Freedom is an illusion.