Every Dune is a Mountain - a Dynamic Dunescapes poetry collection in partnership with The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust


‘You and I used to walk on this beach every day.

Hand in hand, we’d venture over sand dunes that felt like mountains’

Sand dunes are some of our most important ecosystems, home to over 70 nationally rare species including the northern dune tiger beetle, and marram grass.

But these magnificent sand mountains are increasingly under threat, and we are at risk of losing our dunes, and the species which call them home, forever.


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Every Dune is a Mountain is a mini-collection of poems inspired by the Lincolnshire sand dunes, and written in partnership with the Dynamic Dunescapes project, and the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. 

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Poems are read by Jacob Burley, and "Dynamic Dunescapes" is performed by Will Pearce. You can listen to the audio book below, or by clicking on this link!


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Dynamic Dunescapes is an ambitious project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the EU LIFE Programme, to restore sand dunes for the benefit of people, wildlife, and communities. Partners include Natural England, Plantlife, the National Trust, Natural Resources Wales, and The Wildlife Trusts.


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