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"Legacy" is a story about wildlife artist Tich Ncube, who creates artworks of Zimbabwe's Big 5, with the aim of bringing attention to their plight. Despite his phenomenal talent, Tich doesn't receive much recognition for the extraordinary work he does for conservation.

This film will follow Tich as he works on a new piece for his first solo exhibition, in partnership with David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF), which will be held in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. 



I'm Alicia Hayden, a wildlife artist and writer currently studying for a Master's in Wildlife Filmmaking at The University of the West of England, in partnership with the BBC Natural History Unit. As part of the Master's, we are required to produce a 12-minute, broadcast quality short film, which will be screened to industry experts in late 2022, Bristol.

Growing up in rural North Yorkshire has meant I have always loved the natural world, and I have always gravitated to the arts as a way of expressing myself, and my feelings about nature. Since the age of 13, I have aspired to work in the wildlife film industry, as it combines all of my passions in life - conservation, wildlife, art, writing, and photography!

I really want to create films which make a difference to society by giving a voice to people who do extraordinary work for wildlife conservation. I met Tich Ncube on the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation's Wildlife Artist Panel in 2021, and I was instantly inspired by his enthusiasm and knowledge for Zimbabwe's wildlife, and his desire to protect it through art.


Meet Tich!

Tichaona Ncube (The Watchman ) is a wildlife artist from Victoria Falls, who creates beautiful works of art based on Zimbabwe's Big 5. His pieces showcase the beauty of Zimbabwe's ecology, but they also showcase the threat of extinction faced by all of the species which live there.

He is such an engaging and inspiring young man, and his wildlife artwork is phenomenal - yet despite this, very few people know about Tich, and the valuable work he does for Zimbabwe's wildlife. I hope that "Legacy" will draw attention to Tich, and help him get the recognition he deserves for his stunning work - in particular through his UK exhibition, in partnership with the DSWF.


The Exhibition

Tich's exhibition will be held in May 2022 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It will be Tich's first solo exhibition, and will be to a mixture of local people and international tourists; Tich is so excited to have the opportunity to see what people think of his work for the first time!


The Impact

"Legacy" has two main aims:

1) To highlight the valuable impact Tich's artwork has on Zimbabwe's wildlife, and help him achieve the recognition he deserves by telling his story.

2) To draw attention to the plight of Zimbabwe's Big 5, with a focus on Elephants - which are one of Tich's main subjects when he paints in the bush.


Why Donate?

Your donation will go towards the production costs of this film, which include but are not limited to:

  • Travel and transport
  • Accommodation
  • Living expenses while filming in Zimbabwe
  • Permits, licences, and visas required to film in Zimbabwe
  • Travel and accommodation for Tich and his artwork to come to the UK
  • Production equipment
  • Post-production costs


As a thank you for supporting my film, I have got a few different rewards available! All rewards will be sent out after my film has been completed (summer 2022) - so please keep an eye out for an email asking for your address so I can send physical rewards to you!

I am so grateful for any support you are able to give, and I can't wait to show you the finished film!


If I am unable to go to Zimbabwe due to unforeseen circumstances, the funds will be used to produce an alternate 12-minute film as part of my Masters on a similar topic.


The Crew

Alicia Hayden

I am the director/producer and camera operator of "Legacy". As well as being an artist and a filmmaker, I also have a degree in Biological Sciences, and I love writing poetry inspired by the natural world!


Jacob Burley

Jacob will be second camera operator and my sound assistant while we film in Zimbabwe! He is also studying for a Masters in Wildlife Filmmaking at UWE, and alongside the degree he is a comedian and theatre manager.


All wildlife artworks © Tichaona Ncube 





I'm so excited to announce that we have finished filming Legacy!

Last month, Jacob and I flew out to Zimbabwe to meet Tich, and we spent the next week filming Tich as he worked towards his first solo exhibition, held in Victoria Falls. It was such a pleasure working alongside Tich on this film, and a privilege watching him work on his latest piece, which was featured in the exhibition. 

I will be editing and producing the film over the next few months, but keep an eye out for updates and sneak peeks across my social media pages!

Thank you so much for your support - I'm really excited to tell Tich's story, and for you to see the film!


I’m delighted to say that I’ve reached my £4000 fundraising target for my MA Wildlife Filmmaking 12-minute film “Legacy”!

Thank you so, so much to everyone who has shared or donated to my crowdfunding campaign - I am so grateful for your support, and I couldn't do this without you!

I'm really excited to tell Tich's story and showcase his art, and I can't wait for you to see the film when it's finished! Filming begins in less than a month’s time, with the help of the wonderful Jacob Burley. I’ll be posting updates, including behind the scenes content, across my social media channels, so do keep an eye out for updates!


I've almost reach my £4000 crowdfunding goal to make my MA Wildlife Filmmaking final film "Legacy", about Zimbabwean wildlife artist Tich Ncube!

If I can reach my goal by the end of March, everyone who has donated to the fundraiser will be entered into a random prize draw to win my latest Crested Crane artwork:

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated or shared my fundraiser so far, I am so, so grateful for your support!

You can donate to my crowdfunding page by visiting: https://www.gofundme.com/f/m524af-legacy



I'm so excited to say that we've raised £3600 for my UWE MA Wildlife Filmmaking final film "Legacy" about Tich Ncube!

We can now afford flights, accommodation, vaccinations, transport in Zimbabwe, and equipment like hard-drives and additional SD cards.

Thank you so, so much to everyone who has donated to or shared my crowdfunding campaign so far - it means the world to me. Thank you for helping me tell Tich's story, and draw attention to his incredible artwork, and all he does for wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe!

We're 90% there towards my £4000 goal, which we need to reach by the end of the month, so we can get ready to fly out to Zimbabwe on May 1st and create the film! If you are able to donate or share my Legacy film GoFundMe page, I would be very grateful! You can also contribute to my crowdfunding campaign by buying my art, prints, or commissioning work - all of which you can do via my shop, or by getting in touch.



There is now a dedicated page on my website to view all of the "75 wildlife art postcards around the world" artworks so far! You can visit it here, or view the artworks in the slideshow below.

You can also watch this short film we created where I discuss about my creative process and the art challenge:



Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to my “Legacy” student film fundraiser so far! I’m excited to announce that with the amount we’ve raised so far, we can now afford flights to and from Zimbabwe!

However, there is still quite a lot left to raise, so I am very grateful for any donations you are able to give!
If I can reach £2000 by the end of the month, not only will we be able to afford vaccinations, visas, and filming permits, all donors will be entered into a draw to win my A1 Kea artwork (Plumage No. 17)!

If you'd like to help me fundraise for "Legacy", but don't want to donate, please consider buying one of my original art pieces - all of which are now for sale!