I am excited to announce my debut illustrated wildlife poetry book, "Rain before Rainbows", is out now! You can order it here. It includes Leopard, Rain before Rainbows, and The Immovable Stone, as well as many more - 50% of profits from the sale of this book will go to the wildlife hospital Tiggywinkles

I write nature poems in my spare time, and I won the 2011 WWF My True Nature Under 18s with my poem about a Leopard. 
You can read this poem, and some of my others, below, as well as watch some of my poetry readings.



First, I took amber and fire
And I had his eyes.

Then I took sunset and dawn
And I had his coat.

I added charcoal and ink
And I had his spots.

Next I took needles and pins
And I had his claws.

Then I took strength and the stars
And I had his teeth.

I added leather and roses
And I had his tongue.

Next I took wire and sensitivity
And I had his whiskers.

Then I took rain and peaches
And I had his nose.

I added rope and balance
And I had his tail.

Next I took hardiness and a brain
And I had his head.

I took pride from the Lion,
Speed from the Cheetah,
Strength from the Ox...

And then I had him
I had the Leopard.

- Alicia Hayden 2010





She gleams,
Purple, green, black –
An iridescent angel against a golden sky.

A haunting call
As she searches for her young.
She dives.

And as night wraps its cold hands
around the huddled birds,
the Lapwing lets out one last cry

and it swirls up, up, up,
into the Autumn sky.

- Alicia Hayden 2019        





The flight of a Snowflake

Slowly, it glides,
Floating, silently through the air,
A soft winter breeze blows it East.
It drifts onwards, towards its destiny.
The full moon sends its bright beam earthwards,
The sparkling stream of light reflects off the snowflake
Highlighting its wonder and beauty.
Then, just in its prime moment of life, it falls.
Without a sound it gradually descends
Towards the towering Beech tree
Where it shall join the many others before itself.
Finally, its short but graceful life ends,
As it touches the white and gleaming surface,
Of another glittering snowflake.

- Alicia Hayden 2010