The Watchman

creating beauty in the face of extinction



"The Watchman" is a story about wildlife artist Tich Ncube, who creates powerful artworks depicting the wildlife of Zimbabwe, with the aim of bringing attention to their plight. Despite his phenomenal talent, Tich doesn't receive much recognition for the extraordinary work he does for conservation.

"The Watchman" follows me, as I travel to Zimbabwe to meet Tich - following Tich as he works on a new piece for his first solo exhibition, and exploring the power of artivism for wildlife conservation. 

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Who are we?

Tich Ncube, The Watchman, is a wildlife artist from Victoria Falls. His pieces showcase the beauty of Zimbabwe's ecology, but they also showcase the threat of extinction faced by all of the species which live there.

Tich is such an engaging and inspiring young man, and his wildlife artwork is phenomenal - yet despite this, very few people know about Tich, and the valuable work he does for Zimbabwe's wildlife. I hope that "The Watchman" will draw attention to Tich, and help him get the recognition he deserves for his stunning work. 

I'm Alicia Hayden, a wildlife artist and writer currently studying for a Master's in Wildlife Filmmaking at The University of the West of England (UWE), in partnership with the BBC Natural History Unit. 

I really want to create films which make a difference to society by giving a voice to people who do extraordinary work for wildlife conservation. I met Tich Ncube on the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation's Wildlife Artist Panel in 2021, and I was instantly inspired by his enthusiasm and knowledge for Zimbabwe's wildlife, and his desire to protect it through art.

Jacob Burley is a fellow wildlife filmmaker, writer, and comedian, also studying for a Master's in Wildlife Filmmaking at UWE. Jacob was my second camera operator and sound assistant whilst we were filming in Zimbabwe in May. He is producing his Master's film on Britain's lost wildlife - and you can find out more information here! 


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